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ONE CARE Home & Community Support Services, incorporated on January 1, 2011, is governed by a Board of Directors. These are dedicated community members from across the region who donate their time to ensure that our mission and vision is upheld. Board meetings are held every other month. Meetings are open to the public.

For more information on the Board meetings please contact us by email at info@onecaresupport.ca

We are currently looking for new Board members. Click here for more info

ONE CARE is seeking Board Directors from Huron and Perth Counties who support and guide the organization with a focus on strategic planning, quality and accountability. Volunteer Directors on this governance Board are responsible for: developing policy; making decisions about the agency’s future including its strategic plan; and monitoring quality and financial performance. The terms of office include a three year term. Skills and expertise include:

Experience with Board governance of non-profit agencies

Understanding of community and health needs of Huron and Perth residents

Knowledge of finance, business and quality

Experience with fundraising

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Highlights from the Board of Directors meetings for October, November and December 2013

Members of the 2018-2019 Board of Directors

Roles and Responsibilities

The Board performs the following roles:

Policy Formulation:
To provide guidance to the Executive Director who is empowered to lead and manage operations. Decision-Making: To advance the strategic directions and goals of the LHIN consistent with Board policies.  Oversight: To monitor and assess organizational processes and outcomes.

The Board fulfills the following responsibilities:
Establishes Strategic Direction; Provides for Excellent Management; Ensures Program Quality and Effectiveness; Ensures Financial Viability; Ensures Board Effectiveness; Builds Relationships.

Board of Directors Recruitment:
Board members appointments are generally made in advance of the general meeting which typically occurs in July. Board members are selected from Huron and Perth Counties using a merit-based process, with all candidates assessed for the fit between skills and abilities of the prospective appointee and the needs the agency. The appointment process is transparent and consistent, with clear and understandable guidelines applied consistently to all board member appointments. Board members are expected to possess relevant expertise, experience, leadership skills, and have an understanding of local health issues, needs and priorities. For more information please email info@onecaresupport.ca