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Covid 19 & ONE CARE



ONE CARE continues to work hard to provide essential services in our community. Our community is important to us and we are listening so that we can respond to the best of our ability as things change. We are finding new ways of delivering services and supporting people across our region.

While ONE CARE offices are closed to the public, our staff are still working and most programs are operating. We have developed new ways of working and we have learned many ways of doing things, so, in some ways this changing and challenging time has provided benefits.

 Programs continuing with additional precautions

Assisted Living \ Grocery Delivery \ Lifeline \ Meals on Wheels \

Home Care \ Home Help \ Home at Last \ In Home Respite \

Telephone Reassurance

Some programs have never stopped and are being delivered as they were previously but with increases in protective equipment and infection control procedures. ONE CARE’s PSW care In Home and Assisted Living have continued as usual although the LHIN did put some clients of Home Care services on hold in the early stages. Staff shortages have had an impact, especially for Home Help. Our new Grocery Delivery service for seniors continues to operate. Home At Last has had an increase in helping people to move safely home after hospital stays. Meals on Wheels is being delivered through contactless delivery and is experiencing a large increase in demand.

Programs with more significant modifications

Transportation \ Friendly Visiting \ Adult Day Program\ Dining \ Overnight Respite\ Exercise and Wellness \ Care Planning\ Social Work \ Foot Care Clinics

Several programs are operating with modifications to increase protection of our clients and staff. Because we cannot meet in large groups, many are offered virtually or by phone or in a totally different way. Example, Dining for Seniors is now Dining To Go which delivers a meal and a social time on Zoom. Adult Day Programs are being offered virtually as well as on site with smaller groups of clients. To help adjust for the reduced group size, we have introduced additional days of service to provide more service availability. Prior to the lockdown, we were introducing volunteer support back into our programs, however, this is on hold again until the lockdown has lifted. Exercise programs are being offered virtually and Friendly Visiting is being done by telephone visits. Transportation services are limited to medical rides and essential programs like our Adult Day Programs. We have added plexi-glass barriers to the ONE CARE vans and drivers follow strict infection control and sanitization guidelines for every drive. At this time we are only using our agency operated vans but we are researching ways to safely re-engage volunteer driving as the lack of this service has had a large impact on the number of rides we are able to provide. We are looking forward to the time when we are able to safely provide volunteer transportation again. Social work has continued but is being offered by phone in many cases. In foot care, we are only serving the clients with very high needs as clinics are not functioning. We are hoping to introduce modified clinics for more high needs clients after the lockdown.

Programs on hold

Blood Pressure Clinics  This program remains on hold for the foreseeable future.

As we navigate this pandemic, we will continue to adapt and adjust how our programs operate. For the most up to date program information call 1-877-502-8277.

For more information on COVID 19 and the Vaccine visit Huron Perth Public Health at