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About Us

About Us

ONE CARE provides a range of supportive care services that enable seniors and people with disabilities to enjoy better quality of life as they age at home.

ONE CARE Home & Community Support Services is a community based, charitable, not-for-profit health organisation providing supportive care to families in Huron and Perth Counties and surrounding area. The agency was formed in 2011 when three long standing Huron and Perth organisations came together as ONE CARE.

We are respected and known for friendly, quality and accessible community services that support people in their home and enable them to benefit from a wide range of health services. As a strong partner in the health system, our staff and volunteer team is open to innovative change and supports caring collaborative relationships.

Our Focus is Client Centered

For over 40 years we’ve been committed to providing quality services that enable seniors or persons with disabilities to be healthy, safe in their homes, and active in their communities.

The programs we offer help older people and people with health challenges to live at home within a network of support and in a caring community

Clients Served
Hours of Care
Client Satisfaction - Community Support Services 2018

Our Community

ONE CARE provides services to individuals living in Huron and Perth Counties. This area covers 6,600 square kilometres and with a population of 134,000 is one of the most rural areas in Ontario. SW Ontario population in total is 2.5 million people.

Huron County
Rural 61%
Perth County
Rural 50%
Map of service area covered by ONE CARE