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ONE CARE Home & Community Support Services provides services in Huron and Perth Counties to support and strengthen the health, independence and quality of life for individuals and their families.

We help older adults and people with health challenges to live at home within a network of support and in a caring community.


The caring support people can turn to and trust.

We will be respected and known for friendly, quality and accessible community services. We will provide a wide range of health and support services. Always responsive to change, we continually strengthen our collaborative partnerships in the health system.


ONE CARE Home & Community Support Services is committed to the following values

We value working together and believe that different views coming together creates greater strength. This includes individual perspectives, team perspectives, agencies, as well as different sectors that come together to integrate and enhance the way services are provided for people.

We plan for and respond to change through ongoing communication with community, clients and partners. We believe in ongoing learning and continual improvement and seek opportunities for personal, professional and team growth.

With integrity and respect for confidentiality, we demonstrate in our daily actions our ability to make efficient use of resources, and to account responsibly to our community, funders, and clients.

We believe that care must demonstrate respect, dignity, empathy and compassion and that clients and caregivers must be included as valuable members of the health care team to meet the current and future needs of individuals.

We are dedicated to continually improving quality, efficiency and responsiveness while we strive for the highest standards and best approaches for service and operation.


Recognizing each person’s diverse qualities, we respect the dignity of each individual and the right to equitable treatment and inclusion.


ONE CARE supports the Ontario Patient Declaration of Values (2019). This Declaration is intended to serve as a compass for the individuals and organizations who are involved in health care and reflects a summary of the principles and values that patients and caregivers say are important to them.