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Our Stories

Hear from our clients

“My driver was amazing, the most polite, and the most helpful. Anything he could do for me, he did. He helped me up and down the stairs and carried my bags. I adore him, and if I could have him every time I would consider myself the most fortunate. He even went in to the pharmacy to drop off the instructions from the hospital so that I didn’t have to get off the bus! He was amazing. “

– EasyRide Transportation Client

Nurse & Client, no faces

I would like to thank you and your staff for the exemplary care my mother received over the years. Without ONE CARE she definitely would not have been able to stay in her home. Although she is finally at peace, I will continue to donate to your organization annually. Thank you for being there for her.”    

– ONE CARE Caregiver


 “I want to acknowledge and compliment you and your team on the excellent service you are supplying to your clients. The program is so well coordinated and has the right balance of humour, fun, and ease of exercise. Congratulations on a fantastic job, and I hope this work will be ongoing. It is an enjoyable hour of fellowship.”

– Adult Day Program Client