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Wellness & Exercise

Exercise, Wellness & Falls Prevention

Exercise is important as we age in order to build and maintain functional abilities needed for daily life activities. When we improve our strength and balance we reduce our risk of falls and improve our quality of life. Information and education provided at any of our Physical Activity exercise classes will empower you to adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle!

Keep Moving with Virtual Classes

As we navigate our path forward during the unusual time that we find ourselves in, our priority at ONE CARE continues to be the health and safety of our clients, volunteers and staff. We are diligently working towards offering increasing opportunities for social interaction and wellness programs for you to participate in virtually.

We welcome you to join us online and and we can offer technical support to any of you who still may be unsure about this method of connecting.

While it may not offer the exact same experience as in-person programs, it is surprising how successful it has been and the response of the participants to date has been extremely encouraging. We know that many of you will be staying close to home over the next few months as we all have been and we encourage you to reach out and let us know how we can help you navigate the winter season ahead. Consider joining in some of our programs listed below and please do not hesitate to contact us.

ONE CARE’s Health & Wellness Newsletter for Spring/Summer 2022 is now available. 

Staying Fit During Covid-19

During this time of COVID-19 we are providing resources on how you can stay active and keep exercising.

Active At Home

CLICK HERE – for resources provided by the Centre for Activity and Aging. Here you will find videos to follow along with as well as other useful information to motivate you to get up and moving. Why not commit to becoming more active now, so you can make the most of the time you are spending at home over the next little while?

Exercise at Home 

Here you will find three information sheets. Just click on each title for more information.


Use this YOGA GUIDE to strengthen your body and mind to protect your wellbeing and independence.

For more information :

 Call ONE CARE Intake toll free at 1-844-482-7800, ONE CARE toll free at 1-877-502-8277

LIFE (Living Independently through Fitness and Education): One hour fitness classes led by trained volunteers/fitness instructors. Each class consists of all components necessary to improve cardio, respiratory levels, muscular strength and balance. The goal of these classes is to build and maintain functional abilities needed for daily life activities.

Yoga: Gentle yoga classes designed specifically for seniors. Focus is placed on proper breathing and gentle postures. Postures strengthen the body and promote flexibility and balance. Breath work calms the nervous system, reduces stress and improves the mind body connection.

Ball Exercise: Gentle exercise for seniors performed using a fitness ball. Using a fitness ball is a great way to improve posture and body awareness, as well as balance.

Nordic Poling: This aerobic exercise is as effective as cross-country skiing, yet as easy and convenient as walking.  Nordic Poling is a full body, cardio-muscular exercise engaging the arms, back, stomach and legs.  It involves walking with two specially designed fitness walking poles.  By using your entire body, Nordic Walkers work smarter, not harder, towards a healthier lifestyle.  Nordic Poling is easy to learn and is suitable for seniors of all fitness levels!

Other programs include fitness centre, hiking, education sessions and CHAP Blood Pressure Clinics.
Exercise programs, education sessions and CHAP Blood Pressure clinics are offered throughout Stratford and Huron County.

To register for this program please call 1-844-482-7800 or register in person at one of the classes.

Available to older adults and adults with special needs in Huron/Perth County.

Most classes are free. Call 1-844-482-7800 for more details.