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Wellness & Exercise

Exercise, Wellness & Falls Prevention

Exercise is important as we age, in order to build and maintain functional abilities needed for daily life activities. When we improve our strength and balance, we reduce our risk of falls and improve our quality of life. ONE CARE offers Falls Prevention and Exercise classes throughout Huron County and the City of Stratford, along with virtual opportunities. Educational opportunities provided at any of our falls prevention and exercise classes will empower you to adopt a more active and healthy lifestyle!

Our Health & Wellness Schedule for Spring 2024 is now available!

Volunteer Opportunity!

Become an Exercise Instructor today!

Do you have a passion for fitness? We are seeking volunteer Exercise Instructors to lead an hour-long exercise class. No experience necessary! All training is provided by ONE CARE. 

Contact us today to learn more by emailing

Falls Prevention Exercise Classes: One hour fitness classes led by trained volunteers/fitness instructors. Each class consists of all components necessary to improve cardio, respiratory levels, muscular strength and balance. The goal of these classes is to build and maintain functional abilities needed for daily life activities. Offered both virtually and in person.

Seniors’ Centre Without Walls: A free telephone-based program providing group activities for isolated, lonely, and vulnerable seniors. Through the use of group telephone calls, we provide a line-up of health-related information, participation in brain-stimulating activities, and most of all, space to create meaningful friendships and community to those who may feel isolated. 

Men’s Health Exercise and Education Classes: Health promotion, disease prevention initiatives, and meaningful physical activities which cater to male preferences and interests. 

Yoga: Gentle yoga classes designed specifically for seniors. Focus is placed on proper breathing and gentle postures. Postures strengthen the body and promote flexibility and balance. Breath work calms the nervous system, reduces stress and improves the mind body connection. We offer Mat Yoga on Monday mornings, and Chair Yoga on Wedneday mornings. 

Qigong for Wellbeing: Qigong is a meditation and healing practice that has been part of traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. Benefits of Qigong include lowered stress and anxiety, increased focus, and improved balance and flexibility. Offered on Tuesday mornings.

Nordic Poling: This aerobic exercise is as effective as cross-country skiing, yet as easy and convenient as walking.  Nordic Poling is a full body, cardio-muscular exercise engaging the arms, back, stomach and legs.  It involves walking with two specially designed fitness walking poles.  By using your entire body, Nordic Walkers work smarter, not harder, towards a healthier lifestyle.  Nordic Poling is easy to learn and is suitable for seniors of all fitness levels!

Other programs include fitness centre, education sessions and CHAP Blood Pressure Clinics.
Exercise programs, education sessions and CHAP Blood Pressure clinics are offered throughout Stratford and Huron County

To register for this program please call 1-844-482-7800 or register in person at one of the classes.

Available to older adults and adults with special needs in Huron/Perth County.

Most classes are free. Call 1-844-482-7800 for more details.