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Let’s Go Home (LEGHO)

Let's Go Home (LEGHO)

Bundled CSS Supports for Hospital Dischargand Community Stabilization.

This program provides clients access to free community services for a short period of time to ensure a successful recovery period so they don’t return to the hospital. A Care Planner does an assessment and regular check ins, and links clients to various services they may need. In addition to Care Planning, Transportation, Meals on Wheels, and Home Help are the core services provided to all clients. These services provide support while clients rebuild their strength and ability to live independently. This is not only crucial for our clients, but for the health system as well as it helps to relieve pressure in our hospitals.

To register or for additional information 1-877-502-8277 and ask for the Let’s Go Home (LEGHO) program.

What is included in the Let’s Go Home program? You will receive Care Planning, support which includes weekly follow-up and intensive care planning to begin within 72 hours of discharge for a period of four to sixe weeks. This includes information and linkages to other services to help you and your family as you recover. 

In addition, you must require at least two additional services such as:

  • Transportation and assistance with your ride home, including help from an attendant to settle at home on the day of your transition from hospital. 
  • Up to two weeks of Meals on Wheels/frozen meals delivered to your home. 
  • Up to two free transportation rides to medical/follow-up appointments within six weeks of transition to your home.
  • Up to three free hours of Home Help within four to six weeks of discharge.

This basic group of services may be supplemented with additional CSS Services as appropriate, based on your unique needs and your family/caregivers(s). 

Bookings – Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

The service is available Monday to Friday with weekend discharges possible if scheduled by Friday afternoon.

To register for this program please call 1-877-502-8277.