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ONE CARE Participates in Joint Accreditation

Logos of OHT membersThe Huron Perth & Area Ontario Health Team (HPA-OHT) will host on-site accreditation reviews from April 22 to April 26 as part of a comprehensive Accreditation Canada process.

During this period, Accreditation Canada will assess a spectrum of our health services, which include a number of our hospitals, primary care clinics, long-term care facilities, home care services, intellectual & disability services and community support services.

HPA-OHT organizations are commited to delivering culturally respectful, high-standard healthcare founded on principles of collaboration and ongoing enhancement. Participation in the Accreditation Canada program is a crucial part of our strategy to ensure excellence in service delivery and identify opportuni􀆟es for improvement.

Understanding Accreditation
Accreditation Canada has partnered with healthcare and community service organizations for over six decades to foster advancements in quality and safety. The accreditation journey is a continual path of self-improvement, setting the benchmark for excellence and operational enhancement in the health sector. This rigorous process involves matching healthcare services to national standards of excellence to commend strong practices and identify areas for improvement.

The On-site Accreditation Surveys
Trained peer surveyors, themselves seasoned healthcare professionals and leaders, conduct the evalua􀆟ons against national standards. The survey teams will provide a preliminary report to the HPA-OHT and Accreditation Canada, followed by a conclusive report informing our accreditation status for the next four years.

What Accreditation Means for Our Community
Accreditation is a seal of quality, indicating a dedication to service quality and adherence to best practices at a national level. It encourages the entire HPA-OHT network, fostering robust teams through beter communication, cooperation, and knowledge sharing about leading healthcare practices. The findings from the accreditation surveys will not only spotlight our successes but also guide our continuous quality improvement efforts, ultimately leading to enhanced health and wellness for all residents in Huron Perth and Area. Your health and well-being are our top priority, and this accreditation affirms our unwavering commitment to those we serve.

For further details on the Accreditation Canada program and the accreditation process, please visit